You can use the Enzo Azure API at no charge as a preview edition!!! This product is free for the moment. Simply download the Enzo Azure Backup API and try it now!

Enzo Azure API (PREVIEW)

Imagine this: convert an Azure Table into a DataTable transparently, improve entity Fetch operations by orders of magnitude and remove complexity in your code. That's what this API is about.

Use the Enzo Azure API to work with Azure Tables easily and without having to worry about the low level implementation detail for achieving high performance and automatic retries. Enzo Azure API implements highly advanced logic that allows you to fetch entities quickly with strongly-typed objects. Enzo Azure API removes the friction associated with Azure Table adoption.

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  • Integrated the API in your code and access Azure Tables easily
  • Use advanced Fetch routines with parallel and async options
  • Hides the complexity of using Batch operations
  • Works without the need of the Azure SDK
  • Convert your entities into a DataTable

Sample Code

A sample application is provided as part of the download. Here is a sample call to fetch all entities from a table, and another that fetches entities for which the "State" attribute is "FL" using a GUID strategy (assuming the PartitionKey is a GUID) for faster retrieval. Read the section on Fetch Strategies below for more information.

public class StudentInfo : BaseAzureTable
  public string FirstName { get; set; }
  public string LastName { get; set; }
  public int State { get; set; }

AzureTable at = new AzureTable(account, key, false, "mytable");
// Optionally create the table if it doesn't exist

// Fetch all the entities as StudentInfo objects
List<StudentInfo> students = at.FetchAll<StudentInfo>();

// Fetch in parallel using GUID strategy
List<StudentInfo> students_fl = at.FetchWithGuid<StudentInfo>("State eq 'FL'", "");

// Update the first entity to the state of California then save
students[0].State = "CA";

// It is that simple... extention methods allow you to
// work on your classes directly. Automatic retries is implemented and
// parallel processing as well on the GUID and List fetch strategies and
// on the Batch operation.


With the Enzo Azure API, you can programmatically:

  • Seek and Fetch entities using strongly typed methods
  • Update, Merge, Insert and Delete entities with strongly typed methods
  • Perform complex Fetch operations with the ability to cancel them
  • Perform Fetch operations using async methods and completion events
  • Implement a FetchNext pattern when "walking" through your entities
  • Use Batch operations to make changes in mass
  • Access Statistical data for Fetch operations (bytes returned, duration...)
  • Use extension methods on your classes to Insert, Save, Update, Delete
  • Convert easily an entity into a DataRow, or a collection into a DataTable


Enzo Azure API is a PREVIEW product. No license key is required; however the product will automatically expire on January 31st 2013.


See the online help for details on how to use the API at



You can obtain assistance with configuration and general support by email.