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Enzo Azure API - Help (preview)

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Enzo Azure API

Enzo Azure API offers developers the ability to connect to Azure Tables easily and removes the friction usually associated with communicating with Azure Tables, such as handling retry logic, parallel processing and async operations. This API allows you to quickly adopt Azure Tables in your applications (Windows Forms and ASP.NET/MVC).


Steps to Install and Configure the API


  • Run the installer and choose a path where to install the DLLs of the API.
  • Depending on the security settings of your machine, you may need to grant additional access to the folder  
  • Create a new Visual Studio project, and add a reference to the following two DLLs: EnzoAzureAPI.DLL and EnzoAzureCommon.DLL. Note that these DLLs requires additional DLLs to function properly, but your code doesn't need them. Make sure you add these additional DLLs to your Debug directory: EnzoAzureRest.DLL, PynLicenseKey.DLL and Crypt.DLL.
  • Make sure your project targets .NET Framework 4 (Project Properties under Target Framework)

Preview API
This API does not require a license key; however it will automatically stop to function on January 31st 2013. By then an updated API will be published.