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Both editions of Enzo (Enzo Unified and Enzo Online) offer advanced development and automation capabilities. The table below provides a summary of the features available by edition.

Feature Description Enzo Online Enzo Unified
HTTP/REST Development Code without and SDK using pure HTTP/REST from any language or platform. Access SQL databases using REST commands.
Enzo Pipelines & CDC Automatically copy and synchronize data from SQL Server, Twitter, SalesForce or SharePoint into a SQL Server database, Azure Bus, Azure Queues or other services.
SQL Development Access SharePoint, SalesForce and all available adapters using native SQL commands within SQL Server for simple business process automation and reporting. Leverage Excel Power Query to access remote systems easily.
Edge Caching Create an Edge Cache of remote resources (such as a SharePoint list, or a file on an FTP site) using Enzo to improve performance and reduce the impact of network downtime.
Data Governance Implement adapters and methods level permissions for fine-grained access control. Keep an access log of all operations performed through Enzo.
Sharding Merge data from multiple heterogenous sources, in real-time, and present a single version of the truth of your data.