Platform Overview Try it... Pricing Model Pricing
Enzo Unified Download and install in your environment. Requires a SQL Server database pre-installed (Express Edition or higher). free for 30 days (EU-1) License Starts at $3,999 (EU-2)
Premium adapters priced separately. (EU-3)
(contact us for detailed pricing)
Enzo Online
Enzo Pipelines
Platform as a Service webhook enablement and data sync/CDC. Register here. at no charge with the free tier Consumption Free: $0.00 monthly (EO-1)
Shared: $4.99 monthly per service (EO-2)
Shared Plus: starts at $299 + $9.99 / service monthly (EO-3)
Dedicated: starts at $699 + $29.99 / service monthly (EO-4)

(EU-1) - All features are available; 30 day trial can be extended

(EU-2) - $3,999 for 4 cores; premium adapters: $1,999 each

(EU-3) - Adapters included: Messaging (SMS, SMTP), HTTP Database Proxy, Flat Files (CSV), Excel, ZIP Files, FTP, GeoNames
Premium adapters: SalesForce, SharePoint, Twitter, Facebook, Azure Services (IoT Hub, Vault, Bus, Storage), Loggly, Twilio, Kenexa (limited), Ceridian Day Force, Couchbase (limited), FlightAware, Google Analytics, Intacct, WeatherUnderground, WMI

(EO-1) - No priority support; one configuration per adapter; 1 call per second; 1MB per call egress; 4MB per day egress

(EO-2) - 1 call per second; 1MB per call egress; 4MB per day egress

(EO-3) - 10 calls per second; 10MB per call egress; 100MB per day egress

(EO-4) - No limits imposed by Enzo